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 GM Application Format!

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GM Application Format! Empty
PostSubject: GM Application Format!   GM Application Format! EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 5:35 am


How long have you played ControllerMS?

Do you have any experiences as GM? Proof?

Do you have good relationships with any of the GMs?

Are you active and do you report players that are breaking the rules?

Why would you like to be GM?

What gm level do you want to be? Why?

What would you do if u saw a hacker?

How would you handle Spammers/Advertiers?

Why should we pick you?

Will you quit if you are not chosen?

What can you bring to ControllerMS?

What would you do if ur friend was hacking/advertising?

*NOTE* more will be added as i think of them

EDIT! [Admin]Kira: Don't lie on a application, it doesn't help anyone at all.

NEW RULE: Have to be active in the server for at least 5 days till you can apply.
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GM Application Format!
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